12047074_10204776644918174_1741657712782489896_nSean McCabe started surfing in 1972 in Seal Beach. As a Long Beach Grom, he would have to work up the ladder to get on the good side of the then notorious Seal Beach local crew, and did just that. After a few years of riding whatever he could get his hands on, he hooked up with Long Beach shaper Herb Spitzer and would watch his boards being shaped and would ask lots of questions and absorb the whole experience. In the day glow 80’s he and his crew started riding for Harbour Surfboards, and with Rich Harbour shaping in the back all day, he would again see the process of a different shaper’s perspective. Fast forward to 1995, after years of painting his own, and others boards, he decided to give shaping a go. With legendary surfer/shapers Robert August, Mike Martinson, and then up and coming shaper Matt Bettis all watching and heckling, he cranked out board #1! It came out great!

Now with over 10,000 made to order boards later, his knowledge of what makes a board work is constantly evolving.

Along with Tim Stamps, Chas Wickwire, and Matt Bettis, he is proud to be a part of the Harbour/Seal Beach crew of shapers that can shred!!